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Wen Jiabao came Dulux Fair Hall

TIME:2015/9/24 13:53:16  SOURCE:China
Concern 105th Chinese Export Commodities Fair held in Guangzhou from the 15th. Yesterday afternoon, Premier Wen Jiabao, accompanied by Politburo member of the Guangdong provincial party secretary Wang Yang, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, Vice Minister Zhong Shan visited the city to attend the Fair and other household electrical appliance enterprises, certainly Ningbo export performance.
Yesterday around 15:30, Premier Wen Jiabao appliance brands into the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex Pavilion. When we arrived at the city's private enterprises in Ningbo Industrial Co., Ltd. Booth when Dulux ago, Wen was attracted by the company's blue "water cube" style advertising, could not help but stop and asked in detail about business exports.
Dulux Group chairman Le Jian-rong, the company currently selling washing machines in addition to production of finished, will also washing machine design, drawings, tooling, manufacturing processes and other related technology export to overseas, very popular in the Middle East, Africa and abroad welcomed the recent signing orders of $ 4,000,000, an increase of dozens of new clients.
Wen then said happily: "This way is very good, companies will be better and better!" Then, he asked with concern: "? The first quarter of this year, Ningbo whether exports rebounded"
Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade in the next, the head of Fair Trading Delegation Augustine Beach Ningbo immediately replied: "Since March, the city part of the foreign trade enterprises orders show a gradual upward trend, decline in exports has been narrowed, the year is expected Ningbo in exports will be hard to strive for further success. "
Yesterday afternoon, Premier Wen Jiabao has visited Zhuo Li Electric, Oaks, Dulux Industries, Fidelity electronics, appliances Seymour, sea songs appliances, Fu Jia Industrial, Cofly appliances, heart to heart electrical appliance enterprises in Ningbo nine. It is understood that the city's trade fair a total of 594 exhibitors, booth 1200, where the exhibition scale machinery and electronic products in the country 50 trading group in third place.

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