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RE07 for Reducer

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Product attributes

    Total height:
    Matching pulsator height:169mm。
    Matching pulsator size:25mm。
    Diameter with pulsator:11z。
    Diameter with pulsator:

Related tub connecting size:167mm。
Seal diameter:




Name RE01 RE02 RE03 RE04 RE05


RE07 RE08
Ratio 1:3.67 1:3.67 1:3.67 1:3.67 1:3.67 1:3.67   1:3.67
Total height A 196mm 196mm 213mm 196mm 196mm 191mm 169mm 201mm
Matching pulsator height B 28mm 28mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 25mm 28mm
Matching pulsator size H*H 10z square 10z 10z 10z square 11z square
Diameter with pulsator 148mm 148mm 148mm 172mm 125mm 152mm   122mm
C 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 24mm 28mm 62mm
E 16.5mm 16.5mm 33.5mm 19mm   40.5mm   44.5mm
F 22.5mm 22.5mm 22.5mm 22.5mm 22.5mm 15mm   50mm
Related tub connecting size G 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 166mm 167mm 108mm
Seal diameter J 41mm 41mm 41mm 41mm 41mm 52mm   41mm


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