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Ningbo lesli industry co., LTD., founded in 1993, is now developed into a professional research and development, manufacture and sales of various types of washing machine industry type comprehensive enterprise.

Company besides washing machine production and sales of finished products, will also be washing machine molds and related technology export overseas. Company is the development of mold industry, will be exported to abroad every year hundreds of sets of washing machine mould.

The company established a relatively perfect quality management system, has achieved ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. All products obtained CQC method of CCC certificate, and has passed the CE, SASO, CB and other international certification. Have used, appearance of new type patent and so on a number of patents. Company to "national key high-tech enterprise", "consumer trust units in zhejiang province". LESLI le "and" trademark was rated as "China well-known trademark". The company name was identified as "well-known firms in zhejiang province".

Ningbo joy and industrial co., LTD. IS founded at the beginning of the run by members of the family, with the rapid development of the enterprise, the company has completely give up the management mode of family, replaced by the modern enterprise management mode, the company strictly implement ISO9001 management, IS the country such as traffic management model, companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for staff training, and formulated the "le" manual "and" regulations for joy and employees regulate the behavior of the company as a whole.

Company senior management personnel basically have a university bachelor degree or above, with an average age of around 35 years old, at the same time of rigorous management, make the whole company has vitality, and the future development provides a strong guarantee for the company. Ningbo joy and industrial co., LTD insist on "people-oriented, customer first, attaches great importance to science and technology" business principles, to do well-known home appliance manufacturing enterprise as the goal, to build one hundred and enterprise.

The producers of the product to the enterprise to make professional washing machine manufacturing base in the world. At the same time the company is cooperate with the international well-known brands, such as "electrolux", "modern", "daewoo", etc., to the enterprise into a modern international enterprise. The company attaches great importance to investment in scientific research and new product development. Technology has a group of professional product design and manufacturing engineers. Ningbo washing machine at the same time, the most authoritative technical both sign in our company, is a piece of "ningbo washing machine test center" is a piece of "ningbo full-automatic washing machine research and development center". Not only for the company's strong technical basis is provided for the washing machine production, but also to provide technical services to ningbo in the same industry, are in the washing machine technology company become a "leader" of ningbo in the same industry.


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