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In companies at various stages of development, the senior leadership attaches great importance to the propaganda of corporate culture, and set a good example, do a good job leading and exemplary role. Act in daily life, the management work, to the quality of integrity, pioneering and enterprising spirit and the style of hard struggle, manifests the enterprise values and the management idea, to win the respect of the employees.Company management to staff development as the company's mission, only employees get development, enterprise development, to better provide service for the customer, better reflected in the customer as the center of culture. Also think that motivation is to promote employees to grow, to mobilize the staff work enthusiasm, also promote the staff one of the effective methods to achieve company goals. Therefore, the company through the material rewards, annual recognition, real-time recognition, assist to deal with registered permanent residence to reflect the high performance of employees, and employees can provide customers with good service reward and recognition, encourage them to surpass ourselves an

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